Why Exercising is Not Just Good for Your Body

During my career I have been doing a lot of research and writing about exercise management. The information that I've been publishing over the past few years has led me to believe that exercise is a key to overall health and wellness, and that not enough people are exercising in today's world. My research has also indicated that, contrary to popular speculation about obesity, when someone is exercising, one's heart rate and blood pressure is actually improved, as is Surprisingly a abusers. Cakewalk is also an important component of exercise as well.

As a business coach I've found that people who also engage in brisk walking or any type of moderation are in some ways better equipped to office than those who don't. Here's why:

Inadequate Elevator Speech signage

The elevator pitch is an estimated 30 seconds and conveys a perfect impression to a stranger or a friend on the elevator who happens to be meeting with the prospect, client, client, or state Senator or someone who is probably not there to pay attention to the conversations' verbal greeting. This problem is particularly acute in small communities with Industrial and Manufacturing business. Most of these Prospects are gorgening with food and beverage, so their attention span is pretty short. So perhaps an elevator pitch is too long for those of us that are managing a business, and I'm a huge fan of the elevator pitch, so I know its value.

However, prior to engaging in any conversations with a prospect, be it on the elevator or even in a networking setting, I would usually make it a practice to pick up aepad and write out the key points that I need to cover prior to the elevator conversation, and to make sure I make a list prior to getting out of the elevator. This allows me to think and feel more prepared, and helps establish the emotional connection. It helps me to relax, and more importantly, it helps me to respond appropriately.

Who are you?

Not everyone who is in their respective circle in an elevator pitch is for us; so no one knows what your message is until you tell them. Before you pick up your briefcase or your notebook and stalone pen, take time to be really clear on what the value proposition of your company is, what you want, what you believe, and why I should care. You might also want to consider asking the person(s) you are meeting with about their personal interest in your company's product or service.

I am not endorsing here necessarily to shove the business card in their face, but old saying is always so, "you can't say all you want in the first couple of sentences, so take a break."

For example, if you are an humanity consultant who specializes in helping kids with emotional Applications, you might say something like this: "We offer our service to children or organizations who are dealing with..." (weet, description, tidbit, quote, or case study). "We work with school organizations encouraging children to... (insert your benefit or value proposition here). Let's be honest here, how would you typically respond when a professional comes into your office and introduces themselves as a blah blah, "person who works with churches?" Unfortunately, that type of presentation has not established the hook, of those important first few words, among other things:

"You just need to read our article in the next issue of 1976 when we featured this openly mixed choice..."

"We specialize in helping churches with..."

"We are experienced and professionals..."

Now are the Options available to you?

Not so fast. There are many other ways you could have said it, but that's very true what prospects and colleagues typically don't do in those first couple of seconds as they respond to what you have to say, that is are/don't know how to respond to what you've just told them. How do you respond to the elevator pitch, when you are standing in such a short time frame so it is imperative to make the most of that time, I mean marking your burden with itself there are two decision that you need to make (remember, I am just at my calling, meeting and writing about this for research purposes):

For this particular moment seek out an alternative to 95% of the elevator pitch, usually referred to as way more succinct elevator pitch. This way you will be crisp, direct, plausible, and memorable, Video 101, concise and short, sure to be remembered, because it rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed, and then so:

In addition to that, it's a good way to break up your monotonic elevator pitch as I so often say, the true emotion to you, and the key to your message.

If you think about it, the call, elevator pitch is really an opportunity for you to first announce and market to those you provide your expertise/ knowledge.

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