Is a Franchise Investment Right For You?

This isn't a franchising opportunity. It's a low cost blue collar business opportunity around the themed servers that can nudge a total expense of $0.59, with gross receipts from home of $60 to $120 a day.

I bring up the topic here, because it's better for the franchise investment than a regular business opportunity.  I will, however, still use food as an example.  My point is this; you should get ahead of the income curve when you're deciding whether a franchise investment is the right vehicle for you.

Here's the rule of thumb.  Not all franchises are created equal.  There are many franchises that offer pretty high initial start-up costs and, as a result, are only available to the top few 1% of the population that's willing to buy in for a total investment of over $100,000.  If you're among the less than 1% that are willing to invest in it's still a good opportunity.  You should look at all of your options, and do your research.  If you invest and franchise business, you will be at the top end of the income peaks; having been a part of a program that has a proven system in place, but with the support of a recognized brand.

If you're like most candidates, you probably won't be able to support your home purchase on your immediate income.  I would not recommend that one of the choices you make.  The Franchisor must make a profit and its profit is determined by a number of factors.  The Franchisor must provide an overall service or supply the best quality of product and support to their franchisee.  On the other hand, they're not always going to be available to you.  If you have a few thousand dollars to spend, then typically it was a No-brainer.  If you do not have the need for an expensive initial investment, then a low cost opportunity becomes your best choice.  Do your research when choosing a franchise.  Make sure its the right one for you if you didn't choose a high-cost business opportunity.

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